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Obsessief-compulsieve stoornis
Posttraumatische stressstoornis

Personal Data
At Park Psychologen we will handle your personal data most confidentially (conform Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens Wbp).
We are legally required to register treatment in so called “Diagnosis treatment combinations” (Diagnose Behandel Combinaties / DBC’s) and communicate these with your health insurance. Your insurance company (which is also bounded by confidentially agreements) is thereby informed about your diagnosis. The DBC will also be send in an anonymised form to the government (het DBC Informatiesysteem / D.I.S.) for policy purposes.

Quality and cliënt rights
Park Psychologen is a member of the national society for self-employed psychologist and psychotherapists (Landelijke vereniging voor vrijgevestigde psychologen en psychotherapeuten /de LVVP). We have committed us to the quality policy (kwaliteitsbeleid) of the LVVP.
Our individual therapists have drawn up a quality statute (kwaliteitsstatuut):
Vicky: Kwaliteitsstatuut
For more information about legislation and patients right:
Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg (Wkkgz)
Wet op de geneeskundige behandelovereenkomst (WGBO)

Complaints and disputes:
When treatment does not have the desired effect or when you are otherwise displeased, do not hesitate to discuss this with your therapist. When this is not sufficient, you can also send your question or complaint to info@parkpsychologen.nl or contact the professional association at:

LVVP@klachtencompany.nl of 088 2341606