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Do you experience psychological problems and are you looking for an effective psychological treatment in a small scale practice without a long waiting list? Then you are in the right place. Park psychologists provide psychological treatment for adults. We offer effective and evidence based treatment for a wide scale of mental problems such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and somatic symptom disorder.

Waiting list:
The waiting time for Vicky Kooloos (basis GGZ) is 4 weeks for intake and 4 weeks for treatment. The waiting time for Arjan Bruggink (basis GGZ and Specialistische GGZ) is 4 weeks for intake and 4 weeks for treatment. When the total waiting time exceeds 8 weeks, we no longer start with new clients.

To be able to provide our patients with quick access to our help, we work exclusively for patients referred to us by the following general practices2021-10-07T20:02:09+00:00
  • Huisartsenpraktijk de Groot
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Lunstroot
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Millenaar en Ramadhin
  • Praktijk Voorkamp
  • Huisarts Dikker
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Statenkwartier
  • Huisartsenpraktijk M. Libeton
  • Huisartsen aan Zee
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Res en Hablë
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Galjaard Benoordenhout
  • Huisartsenpraktijk de Zilverberk
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