After registering you, we will schedule a first appointment for intake as soon as possible. During the intake procedure we will assess the nature, severity and course of your psychological problems and the possibilities for psychological treatment.

When you want the cost for treatment reimbursed by your health insurance, it is important to bring your referral from your general practitioner to the first appointment. It is also obligatory for us to check your identity on your identity card.

After the intake, every new client is discussed within our treatment team to determine which treatment would be the most appropriate and effective.

During your second appointment we will explain our findings and elaborate on our views about the possible treatment strategies. If you agree with the proposed treatment, we will commence soon after and inform your general practitioner.

It might sometimes occur that the initial intake does not provide enough information to decide on the diagnosis or treatment course. Additional psychological testing might be needed. This testing is often done in-house but we also refer to outside specialized centers if needed.

Because we do not have facilities to cater for patients with very severe psychiatric problems, especially when there is a risk for severe psychological crisis, we then advise people to seek help at PsyQ or another major GGZ treatment center.